About Us

At present, the open-source database products of RadonDB have been approved and used by thousands of enterprises and community users, such as China Everbright Bank, Silicon Valley Bank, Hami CITY Commercial Bank, Taikang Insurance, Taiping Insurance, AXA, Sunshine Insurance, AEON lIFE, Anji Logistics, Anchnet Logistics, Bluemoon, Tiancai Shanglong, Rockontrol, Sensoro Technology, iHuiPao Sports, Beijing Telecom, Jiangsu Communications Holding, Sichuan Airlines, Kunming Airlines, SINOPHARM and others.

RadonDB can be delivered based on the cloud platform and kubernetes. It provides not only database solutions covering multiple scenarios, but also professional cluster management and automatic O&M capabilities. The key features include: high-availability primary/secondary node switching, strong data consistency, read/write separation, one-click installation and deployment, multidimensional metrics monitoring & alerting, elastic scaling, free horizontal expansion, automatic backup & recovery, Multi-site high availability in a city, remote disaster recovery, and so on. The enterprises and community users need to focus only on the business logic, without paying attention to such complex issues as cluster selection, management and O&M, greatly improving the efficiency of business development and innovation.


Database on Kubernetes

Releaesd the containerized database product based on Helm and Operator. The container orchestration is open sourced.


Developed the materializemysql engine and operated the Clickhouse open-source community.


Analyzed time series database based on Clickhouse.


Radon was open-sourced, providing distributed database components. The distributed database RadonDB based on MySQL was released.


Xenon was open-sourced, providing high-availability components. MySQL Plus was released, based on Xenon and ensuring strong data consistency in financial scenarios. Based on the Raft protocol, it provides decentralized leader selection, adopts one primary node and multiple secondary nodes, and supports elastic scaling.