User documentation

RadonDB MySQL is an open-source, high-availability, and cloud-native cluster solution based on MySQL. It adopts the architecture of a primary database and multiple secondary databases, with a full set of management functions for security, automatic backup, monitoring and alerting, automatic storage expansion, and so on. It has been used on a large scale in the production environment by users such as banks, insurance companies, traditional large enterprises, and so on. RadonDB MySQL achieves high availability by using open-source high-availability components provided by Xenon for MySQL clusters.

While Kubernetes community users demand high-availability MySQL on Kubernetes, the RadonDB community decided to transplant RadonDB MySQL to Kubernetes and made it an open-source project in 2021. The project aims to provide an enterprise-level high-availability solution to MySQL on Kubernetes for both Kubernetes and MySQL developers.

RadonDB MySQL Kubernetes supports installation, deployment, and management on Kubernetes, KubeSphere, Rancher, and other platforms, and automatically performs tasks involved in running RadonDB MySQL clusters.